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Pioneers in a new frontier.

At this very moment technology is expanding faster than ever before. The chips are getting faster. Machines are starting to learn. Phones are smart and have greater computing power than past personal computers. There is also the Internet of Things that are connecting technology to our physical lives. Software is running critical business functions for countries and businesses. Prices are becoming more affordable and more people have access to these technologies and it seems as if the use or applications are endless. These slow and steady changes have transformed the environment around us so rapidly. Our governments (across the world) can't even keep up with making laws for the new capabilities within these fields. They are simply behind the curve because the speed of technology is tremendously faster.

Take the example of ride sharing, the concept is not new but we can learn from its case. Rather it is Uber, Lyft, or the bike ride sharing going on in major cities there are inherent problems that these disrupting technologies presented to the economy. First they disrupt regulated industries which has a monetary impact on mature services like cabs, bus, and trains for commuter transportation. Second there are safety concerns with where bikes are left around the city, if the driver of a Uber or Lyft vehicle is dangerous, and etc... I'm sure there are many more issues that I will not raise here but the point is technology is doing what it has always done, changing the environment. The governments can't stop it, doesn't know how to initially deal with it and can't move fast enough. The law only works for known issues that have been deliberated, processed and turned into an outcome that ends in law. What do you do with disruption that falls outside of the limits that the law has laid out? By the time we catch up the technology is already moving towards a new disruption. Can you feel and perceive the energy of the changing environment?

Although our physical location may have not change I would like to suggest that we are entering (if we have not already entered) a new frontier. I will call it the Age of Disruption. I will suggest to whoever is reading this post that you must move forward to learn more about the environment we are moving to or you will be at a disadvantage. This has always been the case for technology. Take the wall technology around a city or kingdom. It was a way to create a strong hold until artillery was built to bring down those walls. Then there were ships, air crafts, and yes space crafts. All of these technologies change the landscape for some aspect of society. In addition, we had factories that ushered us into the industrial revolution. Didn't mean to take you on a historical lesson but the point here is that there have always been technology disruptions that change the way we live. However, I believe the difference now is speed, access, and distribution.

Technology is moving way faster and keeps getting faster. The average person has access to resources they traditionally wouldn't know existed. The internet (and all the businesses that have attached themselves to it) creates an extended distribution system. Think about it. You want to make a music album? You can do it all from your home and have it delivered to outlets that reach markets around the world. You can learn about making an album on the internet, buy all the equipment required for production, complete the project, and post it on iTunes, Spotify and additional resources. There are new music stars that are not taking traditional routes to the top of the charts, while telling the traditional music executives to get loss (this is the clean version). People that are already stars have the ability to listen to newcomers and confirm their music in public instantly bringing the new comer notoriety. It is starting to become like this with many industries and if it has not happened in your industry it is only a matter of time.

Here at TAV-Ci we want to explore all domains where technology exist. Our goal is for all of us to be smarter in our environment. We believe technology was created to serve people's missions and objectives not for people to serve or fear technology. Hopefully fear is not a problem. We want to remove the scales that blind us from the actual people committing crimes online and recognize it is not the technology. People do things to people. This case has always been true. If you follow the trail it always leads to some person. At least for now.

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